Jewish Trips to Israel for Adults and Families

For decades, Ramah Israel Institute (RII) has been running Jewish heritage tours & trips to Israel for adults, families, and communities that are tailor-made to meet the needs and goals of organizations and congregations.  An RII trip is an educational, interactive and fun experience within a Masorti (Conservative) Jewish environment. Our trips aim to connect individuals and families to Judaism and to the State of Israel, while building a sense of community and has a long-lasting, powerful impact on individuals, families and congregations. Over the last several years we’ve started offering more Jewish heritage tours for adults to exciting destinations around Europe and the Mediterranean region.


Our annual offerings for adults and families include:

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Family Adventure:  an opportunity to celebrate this exciting milestone together with yours and other Ramah families in Israel and in the spirit of the Ramah camping movement.

Poland Journey for Adults: an extraordinary journey across Poland, experiencing the past glory, remnants and the revival of Krakow, Lublin, Warsaw, and more.

Ramah Morocco Experience: a fascinating program exploring not only the Jewish past and present but also the rich history, diverse culture and breathtaking landscapes of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Ramah Eastern Europe (Budapest-Vienna-Prague): explore the beautiful sights, famous landmarks and the rich Jewish history of these three exciting European capital cities.

Ramah Sephardic Heritage Experience (Spain-Gibraltar-Portugal): a fascinating journey across the Iberian peninsula, delving into the rich history of Jewish life in Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal.

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