Why a Ramah Eighth Grade Trip to Israel?

83190f95cda082e73c246a5f97a66ddcThis trip serves as a focal point for the last year of school, both emotionally and intellectually.  It is the culmination of nine years of day school education; relating to everything that the students have learned in class about the history of the State of Israel and people as well as its modern society and culture.

The experience for the students to use the Hebrew that they have learned in school as a “living language” is especially powerful, and the participants always leave Israel with a richer vocabulary than when they landed.

While in Israel, the teens will spend quality time together, thus this trip serves as a unique bonding experience for the class.  Students look forward to the trip for years and it can often serve as an added incentive for younger students to remain enrolled in the Jewish day school system through eighth grade.  The Israel experience often cements the participant’s commitment to Israel and the Jewish people, while also encouraging them to continue their Jewish education in high school.