Meet Our Staff

Moshe GoldMoshe Gold – Director

Moshe was born in the United States and made aliyah with his family when he was a year old. He has an M.A. in Contemporary Judaism from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He grew up in a beautiful community (yishuv) in the Negev and today calls Moshav Bet Zayit his home. Moshe has worked as an educator and tour guide (Israel and Poland) for Ramah since 1999 and was involved in Ramah Seminar, TRY, and short-term programs through the Ramah Israel Institute (RII).




Elinor head shot

Elinor Kaufman – Trip Coordinator

Elinor was born and raised in Montreal and made aliyah in 2006. She has a BSW from McGill University, and an MA in Non Profit Management from the Hebrew University.  Before coming to Ramah, Elinor was the Office Manager of PresenTense Israel, and also worked for a number of years as the Tourism and Development coordinator for World Emunah. Outside of the office, Elinor is an active member of the Jerusalem community theater and lives in Jerusalem with her husband and son.



Adin Bio PicAdin Rodman – Trip Coordinator

Adin was born in the United States and made aliyah with his family at the age of three. He grew up in Jerusalem in a Masorti (Conservative) home, and spent many summers at Camp Ramah in New England. Following his discharge from the IDF, Adin worked in various positions at Ramah Israel. He has a BA in Archaeology from the Hebrew University.



Limor ShimonLimor Shimon – Logistics Coordinator

Limor was born and raised on a Kibbutz and currently lives in Nes Harim. She has been the Ramah Israel Logistics Coordinator and Office Manager for all departments since 2007. Formerly she worked as a travel agent and a teacher in a special needs school. She has a Masters degree in Jewish Education from the Hebrew University and a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education from David Yellin College.