What is a Ramah Israel Family Experience?

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Ramah Israel Institute offers an intensive trip which will provide a first rate educational experience for your family or those of your synagogue or community.

Ramah strives for excellence in programming and education, ensuring informal Jewish education on-the-road in Israel. Every aspect of a Ramah family trip itinerary is carefully planned with consideration for the needs of the group and the vision of the group leader/s. There are age-appropriate source books with texts, maps, literature and activities to help each traveler delve into the ideas and concepts discussed on the trip.

With Ramah, a trip is more than just a tour of Israel. RII engages participants in hands-on activities that offer greater insights into Israeli society and into the participants’ own Jewish identity. Each tour educator, a licensed tour guide, is trained in working with families to make each site and activity fascinating for every member of the family. Ancient and modern history will come alive with focus on current Israeli culture and society, while the current political and theological issues of the day will be discussed and debated.

When requested, a family educator accompanies the group throughout the trip along with the tour guide in order to create a melding of family and peer connections. RII strives to ensure that each participant returns home more closely connected to his or her family, synagogue and Israel.

The trip also reflects the value of visiting Israel with friends, spouses, parents and children. Shabbat is a full Ramah experience; a time for rest as well as an opportunity for the traditional communal and spiritual experiences of Camp Ramah. RII family trips balance relaxation with educational touring, which provides multiple opportunities for travelers to be with the group as a whole, with their own age group, and together as a family unit.

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Family Trip Options Include:
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Family Adventure