Synagogue, Congregation and Community Trips

Ramah Israel Institute runs inspirational trips for congregations and communities with the knowledge gained from years of experience.

Ramah Israel achieves excellence in programming and education, ensuring informal Jewish education on the road in Israel.

Every aspect of our trip itinerary is carefully planned with consideration for the needs of the group and the vision of each congregation, community, or family.

We ensure that each participant–regardless of age–returns home more closely connected to his or her family, synagogue or community, the State of Israel, and the Jewish people.


Unique Trips for Different Target Populations

Ramah Israel Institute can design unique trips for any population:

  • A Rabbi, Cantor or educator can bring a study group that has been meeting together, highlighting concepts in the Tanach or Talmud, Hebrew language or Jewish history.
  • Trips on specific themes — war and peace, spiritual quests, minorities in Israel. (One Rabbi brought her adult Mishna class to Israel to concentrate on sites related to the period of the Mishna and Talmud.)
  • A school principal or bureau of Jewish education can bring teachers for an in-service training seminar in Israel.
  • Singles in the congregation or community.
  • An Israel trip for Jews by choice and spouses as the culmination of a life-choice process.
  • Specialized trips for boards of directors to reaffirm their commitment to the school or synagogue.
  • Trips focused on Israeli food, music, folk dancing, science and technology, cycling, archaeology, volunteering, community service, and much more.

RII also has experience planning educational tours to Eastern Europe, especially Poland, The Czech Republic, and Spain, which can stand alone or serve as a pre-Israel trip.



A Testimonial From One of Our Custom-Designed Trips: 

RII exceeded our expectations – we were 15 people between the ages of 3 and 69 and RII worked with us from the first initial email until after we arrived home from our amazing two week adventure. They were attentive to our needs, customized our experience and gave that extra TLC throughout the entire time. Words can not thank them enough for creating memories of a lifetime. —- J. Schnur