Jewish Day School and Supplementary School Trips

The Ramah Israel Institute (RII) is a pioneer in the field of Israel education. Ramah has been leading teen trips for day schools, supplementary schools, and more for decades. Our trips are educationally sound, safe and fun. We help teens connect to Jewish heritage and Israel in an ‘open classroom.’ Our educational experiences serve as a basis for students to strengthen their Jewish identity and their connection with the people and the Land of Israel.


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What is a Ramah Day School Trip to Israel?

For over 20 years, Ramah Israel Institute (RII), the department for short-term trips with Ramah Israel, has provided educational experiences in Israel for Jewish day schools in North America (community-based schools as well as Solomon Schechter affiliated schools). The RII staff partners with the school leadership to make every itinerary  – whether for 8th graders or high school students – a unique blend of touring and informal learning experiences, with a pace, style of presentation, and level of accommodation meeting the group’s specific needs.

RII runs trips that are imbued with Hebrew, Israeli culture, text learning, spirituality and fun.  An age-appropriate sourcebook is used in the field that connects the student to Tanach and Rabbinic sources, maps, Israeli songs and to his/her own thoughts and reflections. The religious policies of the schools are adhered to, while we seek to expand upon the students’ understanding and practice of Shabbat, Tefilla and other aspects of Jewish tradition (RII is pluralistic, not “pareve”). RII has also created Israel experiences for faculty, school boards, and groups of families within the school community.

Each middle school trip is uniquely tailored to the curriculum, tastes and background of the individual group with a choice of themes, sites and activities. Above is a sample of a typical eighth grade program; however, each trip is customized to the required needs, budget and expectations of the group.

Why a Ramah Eighth Grade Trip to Israel?

This trip serves as a focal point for the last year of school, both emotionally and intellectually.  It is the culmination of nine years of day school education; relating to everything that the students have learned in class about the history of the State of Israel and people as well as its modern society and culture.

The opportunity for the students to use the Hebrew that they have learned in school as a “living language” is an especially powerful experience, and the participants always leave Israel with a richer vocabulary than when they arrived.

While in Israel, the teens spend quality time together, thus this trip serves as a unique bonding experience for the class.  Students look forward to the trip for years and it can often serve as an added incentive for younger students to remain enrolled in the Jewish day school system through eighth grade.  The Israel experience often cements the participant’s commitment to Israel and the Jewish people, while also encouraging them to continue their Jewish education in high school.